Water heater repairs and installs in Ajax and Whitby

Are you having problems with your water heater? If it’s then the water heater has started malfunctioning for some reasons which you will be able to find out with the help of a professional plumber. Don’t worry, if you are located in Ajax we have got you covered.

At New Well Plumbing and Heating Ltd, we provide water heater repairs and installation services in Ajax. Since a water heater is a valuable appliance and it’s a matter of big investment, you must consider seeking professional help if it does not function properly. Seeking professional help is required to prevent further damage and expensive service charges.

We offer both water heater repair and installation services

Whether you need water heater repair or installation services, we can help you. We specialize in repairing and installing different types of water heater including- tank-less water heater, hybrid water heaters, and convention water heaters.

Let’s have a look at the signs you need to either repair or replace your water heater:

  • Fluctuation in the temperature
  • Cold incoming water
  • Rust in the water
  • Unable to supply an adequate amount of hot water
  • If the heater takes a long time to produce hot water
  • The aging factor

If any of the above-mentioned signs do appear, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you 416-841-790.

We Can Also Assist You With:
  • Drain Back-Up/Repairs
  • Toilet Unclogging
  • Washroom/Kitchen Plumbing Renovations
  • Custom/New Construction Plumbing
  • BWV & Sump Pump Repairs/Installations
  • Recirculating Pumps Installation
  • Hot Water Tank/Tankless Heater Services
  • Fan Coil Repairs/Maintenance
  • Building Shut-Downs
  • Rough – Ins
  • Replacement of Riser Branch Pipes
  • Stack Pipes
  • Replacement of Rads/Rad Pipes
  • Freezing Pipes
  • PRV Valve Replacement

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